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Volume One, Issue 1

Drag Racing News in the Northeast

January, 2021

Welcome to the Premier Issue of

Northeast Drag News

The purpose of this online news magazine is to provide current information about drag racing in the Northeast. Our primary focus will be the four active drag strips in the area – Lebanon Valley Dragway (LVD), New England Dragway (NED), New Oxford Dragway (NOD), and Winterport Dragway (WPD). We will also supply coverage of straight-line and other drag racing-related events in the region.

Northeast Drag News is an independent news organization. We are not affiliated with any specific drag strip, club, sponsor, or race team. Our intent is to give the drag racing community in the Northeast a dependable, non-biased, and trustworthy source of information about the sport that we all enjoy.

In short, if you are a member of the Drag Racing community in the Northeast; as a fan, a racer, or as a business owner; this is YOUR news magazine.

While the geographic area that we cover may expand as time, money, and reader interest dictate, we will generally not be covering events outside of the Northeast, nor will we be supplying news of the major sanctioning bodies unless it specifically applies to drag racing in the Northeast. There are other news websites that cover those things, and most of them do it pretty well.

For Northeast Drag News to succeed we will need your help. You make the news, so you will have to let us know when you have some news to share. You also need to tell us what you want to know. But most importantly, you need to tell your drag racing friends about us.

Northeast Drag News

Elsewhere in this issue you will find information on how to receive Northeast Drag News sent directly to your e-mail inbox. We will not be selling our mailing list, but in the future, we may ask you to either opt-in or opt-out of mailing lists for our advertisers or sponsors. But that choice will be completely up to you.

We also plan to engage with the drag racing community with content such as fan photo contests, drag racing club news, off-season drag racing-related events. Our long-term plan is to become a resource that everyone involved with drag racing in the Northeast will find helpful and informative. We know that you can find most of the information that we will serve elsewhere, but our goal is to give you one central source for all of the information that you can count on throughout the racing season.

Northeast Drag News will be published online on a regular basis, probably every month during race season and less often in the off-season. We also plan to publish short racing results recaps every Monday during racing season.

In this Premier Issue we will keep it simple; the final points standings for all four drag strips. Consider this issue an early license run with a half-track shut-off. The next issue (Volume 1, Issue 1) will be a full length pass at half-throttle. We will publish that issue sometime after the first of the year. In it we will gather together the schedules of the four dragstrips for 2021. If we can qualify for a license, we will complete our first full pass before racing begins in April. (We are choosing to be optimistic and are assuming that racing will begin again in April, 2021.)

Craig Rice - 2020 New England Dragway Pro Champion

OnPoint Image

The Official Photographers for

Lebanon Valley Dragway​

Lebanon Valley Dragway

2020 Final Points Standings​


Junior Dragster

Northeast Super Street


Street Stick

High School


Bikes In the Valley 9.2 & Below

Bikes In The Valley PRO ET

Bikes In the Valley Street ET

Pure Street Motorcycle

Super ET

Port-A-Tree Non-Electronics

Port-A-Tree Electronics

The Official Photographers for
New England Dragway​

New England Dragway

2020 Final Points Standings​

Super Pro

2020 Red's Shoe Barn Super Pro

Jr. Dragster A

2020 Dennis K. Burke Junior Dragster A


2020 A&B Tire Pro

Jr. Dragster B

2020 Dennis K. Burke Junior Dragster B


2020 Tim's Speed and Custom Street Eliminator

Super Street

2020 Diesel Direct Super Street

Top Bike

2020 Fast By Gast Top Bike


2020 New England Dragway Motorcycle-Snowmobile Eliminator

Super Comp

2020 Dennis K. Burke Super Comp

Super Gas

Street Fighter

2020 New England Dragway Street Fighter

Outlaw 10.5

True Street

Real Street

Fast Street

Super Street

Wild Street

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about advertising rates - (pronounced "nedderdeb") is an online Wiki of Drag Racing in the New England Region

Past, Present, and Future

What is a Wiki?

  • The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian phrase, “wiki wiki,” which means “super fast.” A wiki is an online database of information that allows users to add and update content. Wikipedia is the most famous Wiki, but there are many others, such, and The Internet Movie Database (, just to name a few.

A Wiki is many things:

  • A way to gather information and knowledge about a subject
  • A site that can show all the ways that information interconnects
  • A place to build a community of like-minded people
  • A place of remembrance of the past
  • A means to let people know what is happening right now
  • A way to build for the future is intended to be a community resource and archive for the racers, fans, tracks, related businesses that are involved in the sport of Drag Racing in the New England region.

The history of Drag Racing in New England begins more than 70 years ago, when the New England Timing Association (NETA) was formed in the late 1940s. NETA hosted the first “official” drag racing events at the Beverly Municipal Airport in 1950, and there have been drag races held somewhere in New England every racing season since.

Just as drag racing requires dedicated and passionate participants to succeed and grow, needs dedicated and passionate people to help build the database of information. There have been thousands of drag racers, running thousands of eliminations at dozens of drag strips in the past 70 years. No one person can compile all of that information. needs your help to gather the data and build the Wiki.

Please contact today if you interested in helping to curate or edit the wiki, or if you have information or photos that you would like to share on the Northeast Drag Racing Database.

NEDRDB Mission Statement

The main purpose of is to provide a value-added online resource for anyone involved or interested in the sport of Drag Racing in the Northeast.
The database will include any and all information that we can gather about the past, present, and future of Drag Racing in the Northeast.

Inclusion in the database is completely voluntary.

We will attempt to include every person, car, drag racing facility, business, and event that we can

If anyone is not comfortable being included they can easily request that we remove their information. We request that we be allowed to include a listing page for any such individuals, but we will remove all information from that page if requested.

NEDRDB will adhere to any applicable laws concerning information, especially the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) of 1998.

What NEDRDB is… and what it is not

  • It IS a resource for the Drag Racing Community in the Northeast.
  • It IS a free and open online database (wiki) that will include information about every aspect of the sport of Drag Racing in the Northeast.
  • The Drivers – Past, Present, and Future
    • The Cars and Motorcycles
    • The Tracks
    • The History of the sport of Drag Racing in the Northeast
    • The Sponsors and any related Businesses
  • And all the people who support the sport in any way:
    • Management
    • Track Support team members
    • Race Team members
    • Journalists, Photographers, and Artisans

It is NOT a way to gather and sell information to advertisers.

It is NOT going to sell any e-mail addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, or personal information of any kind to any third-party.

Who is eligible to be listed in NEDRDB?

Anyone who has ever driven a car or bike down any drag racing facility in the Northeast is eligible to be included in the database.

Any car or bike that has ever been driven or ridden down any drag racing facility in the Northeast is eligible to be included in the database.

Any person or business that has any involvement with drag racing in the Northeast is eligible to be included in the database.

How Do I get listed in the Northeast Drag Racing Database?

There are SIX ways to get a listing in the NEDRDB wiki:

  1. Fill out the attached information sheet and hand it to one of the NEDRDB staff or drop it in one of the available NEDRDB Info Sheet drop boxes. These drop boxes will be located in various places at all of the active New England dragstrips.
  2. Go to on the web and fill out one of the online information forms and submit it.
  3. Send an e-mail containing your information to
  4. Write out your information and send it by mail to:
    ATTN: Neil Van Zile
    21 Bump Rd.
    Westmoreland, NH 03467
  5. Call us on the phone at (603) 399-7114. We will be happy to take your information over the phone.
  6. If you are interested in creating and/or editing your own NEDRDB listing, we can set up a private account for you to use that will allow you to create your listing and to make edits at any time. Only you and authorized NEDRDB staff will have access to the listing.

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New Oxford Dragway

2020 Final Points Standings​


Modified ET

Jr. Dragster

Top ET

Sleds & Bikes


The Northeast Motorsports Museum

Needs Your Help

More Drag Racing Photos

Volunteers are also needed

The North East Motor Sports Museum opened in June 2017. The nearly 10,000 square foot building in Loudon, NH houses a wide variety of race cars and motorcycles, all with a New England heritage.

Located at 922 NH Rte. 106 N., Loudon, NH on the grounds of New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays during the summer and every Saturday during the winter.

Normal business hours are 10am-4pm. We have extended days and hours during NHMS race weekends.

Children under 12 are admitted free and general admission is just $10.

Reach us by email at, or call us at (603) 783-0183. You can always visit us on the web at


Some of the items in the museum’s collection include:

  • A 1915 Duesenberg that raced on the one-mile dirt oval in Boston
  • The King & Marshall front-engine NHRA dragster
  • The restored Bannister Brothers car
  • The car in which Joey Logano won his first Cup race (and the trophy he won that day)
  • The motorcycle Eddie “The Savage” Sarno built and drag raced with a huge Buick engine.
  • A twenty-five-foot long trophy case
  • A well-stocked library with thousands of photos and books
  • A helmet collection that includes those worn by champions
  • Walls covered with photos of New England racing in days gone by.

Drag Racing Photos Needed

One thing that the Museum needs is more photos of Drag Racing in the Northeast, from the early days of the sport to the present day. If you have photos that you are willing to donate, please contact Neil Van Zile at (603) 399-7114 or send him an e-mail at

Volunteers Needed

The Museum also needs volunteers to help with all kinds of behind-the-scenes tasks. Volunteers can work at the museum, at museum events and there are even things that volunteers can do from home to help the museum continue to function and grow. For more information about volunteering, read “How To Become a Volunteer” at the Museum’s website

160 Bennington Rd. Hancock, NH

Winterport Dragway

2020 Final Points Standings​

Super Pro



Jr. Dragster 1


Northeast Drag Racing Clubs

2020 Final Points Standings​

All Star Racing Association

Northeast Super Street Assn.


Iannotti Brothers Select Cars Top Sportsman Series
Top Five

Northeast Timing Organization