The Time Slip

Monday, May 10, 2021

Volume 1 – Issue 4
For the week of May 3 – 9, 2021

We are finally Drag Racing at all four tracks

by Neil Van Zile

All four of the dragstrips that service the New England region hosted some action this past weekend. Unfortunately, our pesky early spring weather kept one track from finishing their eliminators on both Saturday and Sunday. So we only have one complete set of race results and one partial set to report, but we do have links to a lot of great photos from all four tracks.

New England Dragway was the only track to actually finish their eliminator when they hosted Race #3 of the VP Race Fuels Bracket Points Series on Saturday. Sunday was Mother’s Day and NED has historically been closed that day, and this year was no different. 

Lebanon Valley Dragway had a Bikes in the Valley race and Race #2 for the Central Mass Drag Racers scheduled for Saturday, and Race #1 of the NHRA Summit Bracket Points Series planned for Sunday. Unfortunately, there were no winners for either event due to late day rains that ended the action early on both days. Saturday’s racing ended before time trials finished. Sunday’s weather looked like it might hold off long enough to finish the eliminators, but the rains came before any class was able to get to a final round.

New Oxford Dragway had great weather for racing on Friday night, but they couldn’t beat the clock and were only able to finish two eliminators in their Bracket Points program before they hit the curfew. 

Winterport Dragway successfully held their Opening Day event on Sunday and will begin their Bracket Points series next weekend. 

Drag Racing Results - Weekend of May 7-9, 2021

New England Dragway

Saturday May 8, 2021

Dennis K. Burke Jr. B
W: Kendall Willard (’10 GMS Dragster) 12.027 – 46.15 (11.99 dial)
R/U: Alicia Gouveia (’07 Halfscale) 12.044 – 55.55 (12.08 dial)
Semi 1: Mason Varin
Semi 2: Max Detomasi

Kendall Willard

Dennis K. Burke Jr. B
W: Kyle Genualdo (’19 Halfscale) 8.298 – 78.55 (8.43 dial)
R/U: Tyler Beaulieu (’18 Mike Boss) 7.924 – 81.18 (7.91 dial) Red Light
Semi 1: Christopher Khoury

Kyle Genualdo

W: Tom Peterson (’08 Hyabusa) 7.986 – 140.96 (7.80 dial)
R/U: David Ducharme (’74 Kawasaki) 9.307 – 135.28 (9.25 dial)
Semi 1: Micah Fenwick
Semi 2: Ed Hughes

Tom Peterson

Tim’s Speed & Custom Street
W: Cam Murray (’85 Camaro) 13.356 – 91.60 (13.27 dial)
R/U: Dave Tubman (’68 El Camino) 12.576 – 92.44 (12.25 dial)
Semi 1: PJ Lorenti

Cam Murray

A&B Tire Pro
W: DJ Pires (’69 Nova) 11.231 – 111.62 (11.25 dial)
R/U: Billy Pires (’83 Malibu) 12.509 – 100.53 (12.54 dial)
Semi 1: Dan Caissie

DJ Pires (L), Billy Pires (R)

Eastern Propane & Oil Super Pro
W: Jessica Stodulski (’02 Dragster) 7.607 – 176.97 (7.59 dial)
R/U: Mark Rodrigues (’71 Nova) 10.438 – 93.74 (8.51 dial) Red Light
Semi 1: Jeff Shaw

Jessica Stodulski

Diesel Direct Super Street
W: Bob Lohnes (’71 Nova) 10.877 – 135.67 (10.90 dial)
R/U: Joe Henderson (’76 Nova) 10.832 – 123.77 (10.90 dial)

Bob Lohnes

Leahy Excavating Super Gas
W: Steven Paquin (’55 Chev) 9.917 – 148.10 (9.90 dial)
R/U: Edward Leahy (Nova) 9.923 – 148.09 (9.90 dial)
Semi 1: Bob Martinelli

Steven Paquin

Dennis K. Burke Super Comp
W: Mike Moniz (’74 Vega) 8.917 – 171.38 (8.90 dial)
R/U: Chris Damiano (’08 Undercover) 8.898 – 165.80 (8.90 dial)
Semi 1: Janice Willard

Mike Moniz

Click here to see the current points standings for 
New England Dragway


New Oxford Dragway

Friday May 7, 2021

Top ET
Winner: Paul Pinette
Runner Up: Jordan Hanson
Winner: Josh Blais
Runner Up: Kruz Williams
Paul Pinnette
Jordan Hanson

Kruz Williams (L) and Josh Blais (R)