Volume 1 – Issue 12
For the week of June 28 – July 4, 2021

Wow, that was painful

by Neil Van Zile

For some reason, the universe seems to be working against drag racing fans in New England this summer. For the second time, drag racing on a long holiday weekend was effectively shut down nearly completely. 

Lebanon Valley Dragway was the only track where competitive drag racing took place this past weekend. Two class eliminators were completed as part of the Smoke & Speed Diesels North Atlantic Truck Racing Series. 

Racing at every other drag strip was rained out completely, starting with the Wednesday Street Nights at LVD and New England Dragway and continuing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at all four of the region’s drag strips. 

Drag Racing Results for June 30 - July 4, 2021

Lebanon Valley Dragway

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Smoke & Speed Diesels North Atlantic Truck Racing Series

ET Bracket Trucks
W: Wendy Hansbury (1966 C10) – 10.28 dial – 0.175 RT – 10.604 at 100.56 mph
R/U: Ned Mitchum (1995 S10) – 10.25 dial – 0.056 RT – 11.834 at 84.39 mph


Outlaw Diesel Pickup
W: Patrick Bowden (2006 Ram) – 0.276 RT – 7.077 at 99.61 mph
R/U: Kyle Carney (2006 Ram 2500) – 0.480 RT – 7.109 at 109.25 mph

On Saturday, as part of the Smoke and Speed Truck Day, they sponsored a “fun race” for any of the kids who were in attendance who wanted to drive a “power” vehicle. The kids didn’t have to bring one, they shared rides and gave the kids an opportunity to race to 60′ a couple of times, and every child was a winner. There seem to be a few “big” kids who took part in the festivities.