This week we introduce another new semi-regular weekly series – WHEELIE OF THE WEEKEND

Our first victim for Wheelie of the Weekend is this beauty from May 9, 2021 at Winterport Dragway. Luckily we have some great photos from both sides of the track and a video. So take a minute to watch this and we will tell  you all about it below.


Abbey Ramsay caught the whole thing from the right. All Photos ©2021 Abbey Ramsay

Video courtesy of Jodie Larrabee Herrick ©2021 Jodie Larrabee Herrick

Allen Cormier and Will Larabee are partners in the Chevy S10 Blazer, and Jerry Hatch is the lucky guy behind the wheel.

The Blazer has lifted the wheels before, but not like this. Allen assures us the wheelie bars are on their way for the SUV. 

Left side photos courtesy of Allen Cormier